Thursday, August 15, 2013

Athens - August 14th

Today we started to explore Athens.  We are only 10 minutes from so many cool sites!  We started at Hadrian's Archway.  We then went to the Zeus Temple.  There used to be over 100 Pillars, but only 15 are still standing, but one is laying down.  It was a really big temple but I don't know how they built it.  We also a lot of broken pieces of stones and one looked like a large foot.

Then we went on a long walk through the National Gardens and saw a sign for a playground!  It was hard to find since there were so many trails.  Before we found the playground we found a little zoo with birds, goats and bunnies. We found a small parrot that was blue and white - like the color's of Greece. Then we came upon a Turtle pond.  There were so many pretty turtles and a baby turtle that was really cute.  We also saw a turtle that looked like it escaped.  It was really neat.  

Athens is full of Cats - we saw the one below at the Zeus Temple.  We love cats and I am happy that we get to see so many

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