Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Athens' Challenge

Daddy set-up the Athens' Challenge. This isn't our first challenge - we did one in Costa Rica, too.

I have to do certain things to earn points. After you get enough points, you earn different things. After I do this blog post, I will have 500 points. That means I have done a lot of challenges.

One of my first challenges was visiting Zeus' Temple. I get 10 points for every historical place I go to.

I have also been writing blog posts (with help from my mom, dad and sisters). Each post is 25 points.

 I had to write down five Greek Phrases.

I also found out about the Three Fates.

I have visited the Acropolis, the National Archeological Museum, the New Acropolis Museum, the National Gardens and Ancient Agora. Plus going to the beach. Tonight we are going to see the Acropolis in the dark.

Statue at the National Archeological Museum:

Playground at National Gardens:

I was able to earn enough points to buy my own Firefighter. I am having fun playing with him!

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