Friday, July 26, 2013

Welcome to Rome!

First we took a train ride from our town to Rome - a little over an hour!

When we got there it was easy to find the Hop On Hop Off bus.  So, we hopped on and hopped off!  We saw a lot of things on our trip.  It got really hot around lunchtime so we found our hotel and relaxed, and mommy had a long rest.  Then around 4 we headed out for more adventures.  We got back on the Hop On Hop Off bus and went to the Coliseum.  When we got there, I saw a Gladiator!  It was really cool.

We then went out to eat.  I had some noodles - it was scrumptious.  Then we found a special fountain and I threw a 2 cent coin into it (Fontana di Trevi).  We then walked back to our hotel and rested.

The next morning we had a huge breakfast and left with a chocolate muffin - it was so yummy.  We then went on our tour of the Vatican, it was really fun.  I stayed with the tour guide almost the entire time.  We saw a really big Church (St. Peter's Basilica), painting and carvings.  We saw a really old carving (Mary holding Jesus by Michelangelo - Pieta) but someone had hurt it years ago, so it was behind a glass wall.  A lot of other stuff you could get really close to and touch - I liked that.

We then went out to lunch and then we got our train home.  We had an awesome time in Rome!

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