Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fun in London

Yesterday we went to the Tower of London. There were a lot of cool things to learn about and look at.

I met a Beefeater (a Yeoman Warder) and saw a palace soldier. He had a red coat and a big black hat. We got to see him march. I saw the Bloody Tower were the prisoners went. Then they got their heads chopped off.

Today I woke up at 4am. I was the first one awake. Later we went to Westminster Abbey, saw Big Ben, took a boat on Thames River and went to Greenwich.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Plane ride to London

We took 3 planes from New Zealand to London. We went for two nights and got two dinners. At one point my tummy did not feel good. We each had our own TV, so I got to watch a lot of things that were so fun. I got 2 cool badges and 2 drawing books from Air New Zealand - coolest airline ever!

Once we got off the plane we had to catch a train to our flat. It was really fun. Once we got to our flat we had a quick dinner and we were all in bed by 7! We had not really slept well the last 2 days. My Dad fell asleep first, it was crazy as usually Mom is first in bed.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Bungy Spectactular!

I was so excited my parents were going to jump off a bridge.They had to wait in a line of scared, excited people.

Finally, it was my mom's turn. But then ... She bent her knees and... Jumped. There was cheering and whistling. Next it was my dad's turn. When he jumped, he dunked in the water below the bridge.

When they were finished my parents walked up to my two sisters and I and we hugged. It was a awesome time!

Speed Racer (Queenstown Luge)

I had so much fun!

I was able to drive the luge car all by myself. When I wanted to start moving I had to move the handlebars forward. I pulled back really hard to stop.

Next time I rode with Mommy. Then I rode with Daddy. I went on the luge 9 times!

To get to the luge we had to ride the gondola up the mountain. One time it stopped while we were in it! It was windy and we moved around.

Friday, April 12, 2013

About New Zealand

We saw Andrew, our dad's friend in Auckland. He took us out to dinner and bought us ice cream - two nights in a row! He took us to a volcanic island that we got to walk all around.

Then we got our camper van and we are driving everywhere with it - no car because the camper van is our car and our bed and our kitchen and our bathroom.

I like seeing all the beaches. I got to swim in hot pools made hot by steam from a volcano. We went to a museum and I was an Art Detective. I had spy clothes on and had to find things. It was hard because everything blended in on the paintings. We went to the museum three days in a row!

Yesterday I got to see seals. There were so many of them we couldn't even count them. Tomorrow we are going whale watching!

Swimming in the Great Barrier Reef

We had lots of fun. I wish you could have seen all the great fishes. I had to wear a wet suit and mask.

We went into a submarine and I saw lots of fishes and coral. There was one big honkin' fish called Wally.

On the way back home one lady thought I was cute and gave me a bunch of cookies.