Friday, May 31, 2013

My new workshop

My favorite thing at our house is the big big yard - with a great view!  I have been playing soccer, petting the 3 kitties (they are really cute), and I built my own workshop with nails, hammer, carving stuff - everything that I need!  We also got our own soccer ball and have our own swing set!  And we get to play really late because it does not start to eat dark until 10:30PM!  My Mom and Dad have totally lost track of time!

One of my cute kitties!

My Sassy Kitty

My workshop!

My yard

My swing set - with a view!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Eiffel Tower

We climbed to the top!  We were so excited since we thought we were not going to be able to go.  It seemed like googolplex number of stairs and I thought we were leaning a bit.  But we couldn't go to the tippy top since there was cellular stuff (there are a lot of communications equipment at the top and this was the reason the tower was never taken down - it was only suppose to be up 20 years.  

We then came back around 8:30 at night to see it light up.  Then it started to light up - yellow to orange, then at 10PM - super late to me, it went off like the Paparazzi (meaning lots of strobe type lights went off for about 5 minutes). We stayed out so late and had so much fun!


Dunt dunt donn....(Chayton sound effects)...We went to a Cathedral named Notre Dame.  We walked so much steps, it was hard for us to walk all the way up!  When we finally got to the top we saw a pretty view of the Eiffel Tower and we saw a Gargoyle that looked like it had 3 heads! But we also saw one that looked like a person, one that was sitting and one with a funny face with his mouth open.

My New Hat!

We stopped off at a souvenir stand and Daddy asked if we wanted to get a beret and we said Yes!  Nazeriah got a white one, Kaija got a blue one and I got a red one!  

Monday, May 13, 2013

Shakespeare's House

It was cool to go into Shakespeare's house. I was able to see videos about him and about the Globe Theater's fire. He was a vey famous writer who wrote a lot of plays.

I learned that all little boys would wear dresses until they were a certain age. Because they believed that a bad spirit was killing the boys but not the girls. So they thought to put on the girls' dresses on the boys so the bad spirit would be confused and not take them.

Tea Time

Today we went to the Fourteas for afternoon tea. I didn't drink tea. I don't like it. I had homemade apple juice that tasted like apple cider.

It was really fun. We ate lots of unhealthy stuff - cupcakes, cookies, brownies. I also had a yummy chicken sandwich. It was cut into tiny, tiny triangles. I loved eating the cupcakes.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Harry Potter!

Harry Potter was so much fun and so cool!  We got to see where they filmed all the movies.  They had lots of stuff they used in the movies.  We got to see the Great Hall, their costumes, the car that Harry and Ron drove, the night bus and so many props.  We then got to ride a broom stick and learn how to use a wand.  We also got to drink Butterbear - it was super yummy - I wish we could have bought a whole gallon of it!  I was happy that I finished listening to the first audio book on the way home.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

I am the Royal Lion Tamer!

Today I went to Kensington Palace and while exploring I found a lady that offered me to take a test to be the Royal Lion tamer for the Tower of Lion - working for the Queen! I had to take 3 tests; arm wrestle for strength, vision - had to make sure no one could sneak up on me, then I had to stick my finger in the lions mouth for 3 seconds while he roared (Ben the docent). It was really fun and I drew a big crowd! I then got a neat sticker.

We then went to a fun playground in Hyde Park and they had a large play pirate ship - it was so much fun then we went out to eat.

A Royal Tooth Party

My tooth has been super wiggly for a few days and this morning I finally pulled it out! But it really hurt to pull it out, but it was worth it - I got a British Pound.

We then went to Windsor Castle and did lots of stuff. We did a fun kids audio guide that told us a lot of neat things, like hidden pictures behind other pictures, about the Knights, what flag is flown when the Queen is there. She sure has a big weekend house. We then found a really cool candy shop in Windsor and we all got to pick out 3 small pieces of candy and had my tooth party. We then got our train back to London, but it was so full the conductor let my family sit in First Class, it was so much fun.