Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Day at the Hagia Sofya

Outside of our hotel Kaija and I stopped to pet the kitties. 

I think I must have touched my eye after petting the kitty and I had a reaction. My eye started to itch a lot and it got red and puffy. My dad found out where the pharmacy was and we got eye drops. The drops worked super fast. I felt much better. But I was hungry. The next stop was a place to eat lunch. I had the chicken doner plate. Yum.

We went to the Hagia Sofia next.  It was really cool. I got to listen to a great audio tour. 

I sat in the spot where the Byzantium Kings' throne used to sit. But I didn't get to go up in the minaret. I did see a picture made of Jesus made of tiny stones.  

First Hagia Sofia was a church and then it was a mosque. All the wall art of the church was covered up when it became a mosque. Now they have uncovered parts of it again. So you can see both. 

I put my thumb in the special spot to make a wish. I hope it comes true.